Monday, March 2, 2009

hills, spills and hard hats

hills + watching someone stack it = laughs.

remember the days when you used to get joy out of rolling down a hill with your friends trying not to crash. flashing your undies from under your school skirt and getting grass stains all over your freshly washed tees. all in the name of a bit of fun. and then trying to stand up when you were still dizzy.

we may have grown older (and i reluctantly say wiser, due to my next sentence) but there is something still quite funny about watching someone run down a hill - hoping they will (i mean won't) stack it. what makes it even better is if you add something else into the mix, whether it be a football and a hard hat or a skateboard... it's fun all round. making it even better is when you catch it on camera.

so go on. go roll down a hill (maybe with pants on, as an adult flashing their undies from under their skirt isn't as innocent as it used to be as a kid) or run down a hill. let all your troubles fade away and rememeber the good old days.

roll on.

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