Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fishing. it's actually reely fun

fishing fun 101:

peppy grove jetty.

wine (too much).

picnic basket.




a whinging pom.

hand reels.

black bream.

fishing rods.

hook hunting.

bbq chicken.



sea snakes. (river snakes?)

... and a whole lotta fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

air guitar: no strings attached

the 2009 state final @ the rosemount. 22 march.
tommy airmanual vs william damage iii vs ace thunderfist vs wild man from the wheatbelt.
rock it. yeah!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the truth hurts

sometimes all it takes is a new friend to make you realise who you really are.

you can't lie to a new friend, you can't hide from a new friend - otherwise you'll be lying to and hiding from them your whole life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sunsets over beaches

south cottesloe at it's finest

Sunsets over the beaches from now on
Each day looking for new ways to go on
Maybe I should drop by maybe I should have called
Maybe I should have followed you and beat down your door
Maybe it's gonna be breaking you every time you fall
But to shower you with pity will do you no good at all
Slow burn watching the world turn from my arms
New way of measuring each day until it's gone
Sunrise building a reprise in my heart
Regret tight around my chest plays its part
Watching the sunset over the beaches

sunset over scarbrough from nautilis place

conversation, the future of.

ever thought how we'll survive if facebook/myspace/twitter/msn etc etc closes down? these days conversations exist more by text/sms or online. no longer do we use words with eight letters or more, it's more about fitting as much as you can into your 160 character text msg - or as much as you can onto a facebook wall message.

or should i say...

evr thort if we'l srvive if fb/myspace/twits/msn clses dwn?these dayz convos r more by txt/online. no lngr we use wrds w 8 ltrs or more.its more bout fitin lots into ur sms-or as mch on2a fb msg.

how much shorter was that!

so much so, we even had a moment of 'future conversation' at the pub the other night - we figured this is what would happen if it did close down - no longer would people talk... we'd just have to write things down in the msn/fb format. no one would laugh, cry or wink at each other... we's just lol, *tears* and poke each other. if we wanted to talk on the phone, we'd have to request a phone conversation and then we would *nudge* the other person! rofl.

another way of conversing is via arranging letters on a fridge... like you did when you were little, or even now with the free ralph magazine rude word ones. or like we discovered yesterday - birthday cupcakes can also make for fun times - even when you are limited to a combination of letters that don't usually go together too well! you should give it a try. it's fun/educational/makes your brain hurt a bit if you try too hard.

1.the original - beckx the birthday boy 2.axe back 'phydy' (phiddy cent inspired?) 3.peach yak by pxd(?) later changed to d(i)x.

nb 1: it get's harder as you eat them. so you need to be careful with which letters you eat.

nb 2: i would leanr how to cook cupcakes and ice them with letters, as computers and pens may one day no longer exist, so we'll have to converse via cupcakes.

oh and i've decided if i actually ahve to physically write something - like a note to my mum... with a pen/pencil/texta i am going to dot my i's with love hearts. i went through that phase in year three for a while.

will look good at work. maybe if i have time, i might even colour it in with red pen.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dance like nobody's watching

"common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. a sense of humor is just common sense, dancing." william james

booty shakin' times

dancing in the sunset

mr james gates hitting up some michael jackson action

mmmbop, feet and the tap dogs

1.) i always wanted to be in a girl band - power ballad style, so i could sit on the edge of a tall stool and click my fingers with my eyes closed... then burst out the bigf notes. celine dion springs to mind.

2.) i don't do necks and feet - so isabelle udall and michael zotti, wrapped their feet around my neck... while i was driving. cheers kids!

3.) i always wanted to be on price is right. then it got cancelled. buggger!

4.) my first crush was peter andre - mysterious girl was pretty much the best song ever! then there was taylor hanson... a god send i say.
5.) white wine must be iced... but not too much. i like ice with my wine, not wine with my ice.

6.) i was the 'S' in the JACKS club in year 6 and 7. jill, amy, catherine, kate and sally. we sat in this order in class. we also all wated to live together in a house when we grew up.

7.) i still have a HANSON t-shirt that emma gillingham, kait green and i got GIVEN in year 8 form the CD shop guy, because it hadn't sold for ages... it matches my ring, the 'tulsa, tokyo and middle of nowhere' video and the signed poster I have.
8.) i remember the days when pizza hut used to offer the 'all you can eat' option. we ate the cottesloe one out of soft serve once.

9.) i had a crush on my 'fill-in' teacher mr holmes. he wore 'movie star glasses' and was really tall. my 'real' teacher miss thomas also had a crush on him. so one day she took me out of class and made me go tell him i had a crush on him.... heavy!

10.) Ii have been across (and back) the nullabor 8 times. the first time was fun, because i had a tamagotchi. it survived with me all the way home... then mum put it in the washing machine the day i got home. i cried... forever!

11.) i ran away from home for the first time when i was 4, because my dad got a bigger piece of cake than me. i couldn't cross the road, so i sat on the corner of the street with my teddy basil.

12.) my dad told my family that the fish flip over and swim upside down when they hit the equator. i believed him for years!

13.) at my 6th birthday, the womans weekly blackboard cake... wasn't even eaten. no one ate a piece.
14.) salbee. abby. sal. briggsey. SB. shmallbot. las.

15.) i'm not a very competitive person, but i really like to win games like UNO and snap. i used to cheat at monopoly and hide $500's under the board, so we invented UNOPOLY.

16.) i have a thing for abbreviations and making up my own words and phrases. along with making up my own dance moves - the underwater scene and the christmas tree have graced the dancefloors all over town!


18.) i have a thing for dreadlocks... i don't even know what it is... but i do.

19.) i don't understand how boys can make machine gun noises, and know what buttons to press/how to play video games, when they have never played them before - they just know how to do it.

20.) i love cooking. Anything and everyhting... and on that note, jeremy hamilton taught me that a nacho roll is the best thing ever - corn chips and tomato sauce with cheese in a roll. toasted. awesome.

21.) i'm pretty sure i can recite the whole of 'the castle' - i have seen it a good trillion times.... and don't tell me I'm dreamin', as I think a trillion is actually the truth!

22.) i still fit into a gym leotard from year 3... i don't know how, and i probably wouldn't want to wear it out.... but it must just grow with me? huh!??!?

23.) i like to meet famous people. and I've had my fair share... but i would like to find my dream job working in the media field.

24.) sally finds herself referring to herself and others in third person too often. sally tends to over use it, but she can't help it.

25.) when i did tap dancing, i quit the day before the concert, of 'singing in the rain' with winne the pooh umbrellas. i wish i had kept it up, but i didn't. der! otherwise i would have been in the tap dogs with adam garcia. he's hot.

Monday, March 2, 2009

hills, spills and hard hats

hills + watching someone stack it = laughs.

remember the days when you used to get joy out of rolling down a hill with your friends trying not to crash. flashing your undies from under your school skirt and getting grass stains all over your freshly washed tees. all in the name of a bit of fun. and then trying to stand up when you were still dizzy.

we may have grown older (and i reluctantly say wiser, due to my next sentence) but there is something still quite funny about watching someone run down a hill - hoping they will (i mean won't) stack it. what makes it even better is if you add something else into the mix, whether it be a football and a hard hat or a skateboard... it's fun all round. making it even better is when you catch it on camera.

so go on. go roll down a hill (maybe with pants on, as an adult flashing their undies from under their skirt isn't as innocent as it used to be as a kid) or run down a hill. let all your troubles fade away and rememeber the good old days.

roll on.