Tuesday, March 10, 2009

conversation, the future of.

ever thought how we'll survive if facebook/myspace/twitter/msn etc etc closes down? these days conversations exist more by text/sms or online. no longer do we use words with eight letters or more, it's more about fitting as much as you can into your 160 character text msg - or as much as you can onto a facebook wall message.

or should i say...

evr thort if we'l srvive if fb/myspace/twits/msn clses dwn?these dayz convos r more by txt/online. no lngr we use wrds w 8 ltrs or more.its more bout fitin lots into ur sms-or as mch on2a fb msg.

how much shorter was that!

so much so, we even had a moment of 'future conversation' at the pub the other night - we figured this is what would happen if it did close down - no longer would people talk... we'd just have to write things down in the msn/fb format. no one would laugh, cry or wink at each other... we's just lol, *tears* and poke each other. if we wanted to talk on the phone, we'd have to request a phone conversation and then we would *nudge* the other person! rofl.

another way of conversing is via arranging letters on a fridge... like you did when you were little, or even now with the free ralph magazine rude word ones. or like we discovered yesterday - birthday cupcakes can also make for fun times - even when you are limited to a combination of letters that don't usually go together too well! you should give it a try. it's fun/educational/makes your brain hurt a bit if you try too hard.

1.the original - beckx the birthday boy 2.axe back 'phydy' (phiddy cent inspired?) 3.peach yak by pxd(?) later changed to d(i)x.

nb 1: it get's harder as you eat them. so you need to be careful with which letters you eat.

nb 2: i would leanr how to cook cupcakes and ice them with letters, as computers and pens may one day no longer exist, so we'll have to converse via cupcakes.

oh and i've decided if i actually ahve to physically write something - like a note to my mum... with a pen/pencil/texta i am going to dot my i's with love hearts. i went through that phase in year three for a while.

will look good at work. maybe if i have time, i might even colour it in with red pen.


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